Terms and Conditions

The services you (the client) requires may include website development, videography & photography and the following conditions refer to any of these services if hired indicated as ‘contractor’.

1. It is understood that Drumroll Please shall not be responsible for any conflicts with other contractors for your development project and any notifications necessary to avoid such conflicts are the sole responsibility of the client.

2. Client assumes all responsibility for obtaining any necessary permission, clearance permits, etc, which may be required for Drumroll Please to Video or Photograph each event, public or private. The client is solely responsible for the quality of the final images resulting from the use of, or inability to use such requested camera positions.

3. During Events, Client will provide Drumroll Please’ crew members food service during the guest meal service. (Same food you eat at your event)

4. Client hereby releases and authorises Drumroll Please to use images, videos or website links in connection with any contest, exhibition, display, advertising promotion, newsletter, publication inclusion in demonstration or other purposes. In return, we agree to use the same in good faith and good taste.

5. Drumroll Please retain all copyrights and reproduction rights for each event, original video recording & images, whether in whole or in part. The client is granted only a license to use such images, or copies for private nonprofit uses unless other permission is granted in writing by us.

6. DEPOSITS. An estimated fee of 50% deposit is required to confirm our services. Event balances are due prior to your event date. Business Video & Web development projects may be subject to progress payments during production phase to be negotiated between us and you the client. 100% Payment is required upon final delivery of product/service. Payment Terms may be negotiated upon request

8. COMPLETION TIME. By nature projects are complex and require time to complete, please be aware delivery time could be anywhere up to 4 (four) months from the date of your event or upon receipt of all required assets required to complete your project. Every effort will be made to complete in a timely manner. No discounts/refunds will be offered in the event of extra time required for completion.

9. EVENT CANCELLATIONS. In the event of cancellation of your event, 50% of your package cost is non-refundable, but will apply to a new date if available as long as notice has been given in writing to Drumroll Please not less than 90 days of event. In the event of a cancellation, if we are able to replace the date with another booking, we will transfer the deposit to the new booking date. We reserves the right to cancel this contract, in the event of such cancellation, full refund of monies paid to us will apply.

10. If Drumroll Please fails to comply with the terms of this agreement due to any event beyond the control of our crew, including but not limited to illness, accidents, labor disputes, acts of God and other catastrophes, or uncontrollable and unforeseeable equipment failure, Our liability is limited only to refund of all monies received.

11. EXTRA TIME. client agrees to pay for extra Camera time during events or Post Production / Web Development time if required over and above the initial quoted amount.

12. WEBSITE CHANGES. Where the client has requested administrative access to make changes to their website, the client assumes full responsibility of such changes and is liable for the reasonable cost to ‘make good’ errors made by such changes not undertaken by us. An hourly rate shall be applied plus additional costs not provided by us based on our price list rates.

13. WEBSITE HOSTING. This shall upon the commencement of the initial build date for the duration of your hosting requirements for an initial 12 month minimum period payable in advance. 

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